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Scrum Master Badge from Six Sigma

I'm *VERY* excited to add Scrum Master to my credentials and was fascinated to learn the difference between this and Project Manager. As I continue to apply for Project Management roles while starting my own side hustle, I could really use the reminder of how to do things better, faster and it came Just In Time!

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Completed the Project Management Institute's Certified Associate Project Manager online course and certification exam. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, is building their career in web development and project management.

Gatsby Dark Demo by Clark Newell

Implementing dark mode on a Gatsby site can be amazingly easy! This post gives detailed instructions in four steps with code blocks. Or, follow the link at the beginning of the post to simply fork the demo repo from GitHub.

Chrome dev tools device toolbar and WAVE chrome extension by Clark Newell

Manual testing, accessibility evaluations, unit testing and mock production builds will definitely reveal issues you didn’t even realize you had. This in turn creates a lot more cards or “tickets” on your kanban board, but it’s for the best because you definitely want to release the most presentable, useable, and accessible product possible.

Clark Blog Trello kanban board by Clark Newell

So grateful I have been trained to look at my progress in retrospect, approach things in different ways when necessary, and organize my tasks kanban style in order to meet goals. Without this, I would never have a usable product to begin representing myself in the marketplace.

Silicon Slopes D & I Panel at Goldman Sachs SLC by Chris Federer

Diversity and inclusion are great for the bottom line. Thank you to the Silicon Slopes Organization for inviting me to moderate a D&I panel at Goldman Sachs. It was an exciting and inspirational opportunity.

Cover of Scrum by Jeff Sutherland designed by Justin Thomas Kay

Agile methodology not only allows for constant review of team productivity, it also allows for constant review of the product being developed. It’s best to find out early and often when something is not going to work, or could be done better/faster in a different way.

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I have loved learning to become a truly Full Stack Developer. While doing something different every day or week definitely fights away boredom and constantly offers up new challenges, I would love the opportunity to develop an expertise that I am known for.

Clark Newell with and Coding Partner Bobbicat by Clark Newell

Building a custom app or website for your business can be expensive, actually. If you're an individual creator or sole proprietor without developer skills, I would definitely recommend Wix, Squarespace and/or Shopify. Side note: if you do have dev skills, reach for Gatsby, Next.js or SvelteKit!

Vue and React logos with confused emoji

I am going to continue my deep dive into React because that is still the hot framework that most of the up-and-coming companies here on the Silicon Slopes, and the US in general, seem to be choosing.

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I sincerely and optimistically look forward to 2019 and beyond. When one strives to challenge themselves mentally and physically every day, great and unexpected things happen. I also remain open to new and interesting pathways and unexpected turns along the journey as they present themselves.